CMHLG and the History of Making Play Possible



Making Play Possible originated as a program under Children’s Mental Health of Leeds and Grenville (CMHLG). CMHLG, an accredited children’s mental health agency, was aware that many of their clients were unable to participate in recreational activities. Through consultation with representatives from municipal government, social services, children’s aid, and recreational providers, this gap in access to recreation was noted to be a common concern.




A need was identified for not only a financial assistance program, but also a service where families are linked effectively with recreational facilities that can accommodate complex needs if necessary.The Making Play Possible Coordinator continues to have a clinical background in mental health prevention in order to meet this need and serve families better. 


We ensure that there is a face-to-face contact between our Coordinator and the family or individual (in the case of youth living independently) to provide informal screening of potential other needs, such as speech therapy, respite needs, or learning difficulties. This means we are able to provide information to parents on how to access these additional supports on the spot.




Making Play Possible has been in existence since 2004, but reached its capacity as a program under CMHLG. Without the needed resources to expand the program to meet the needs of the community (referrals have always exceeded the financial and administrative capacity of the program), CMHLG needed to find partners who could help to grow and sustain the program. 


The Making Play Possible Volunteer Committee is a group of dedicated community members who are passionate about increasing access to recreation for children and youth in Leeds-Grenville. This Committee overseas, and is working to grow the capacity of, Making Play Possible to better meet the needs of the community. 


For more information on how you can help this program to grow, see Donate and/or Get Involved.